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The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal Apr 13, 1999

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Delta

ISBN13: 9780385334303
ISBN10: 0385334303

The Lives of the Surrealists May 15, 2018

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Thames & Hudson

ISBN13: 9780500021361
ISBN10: 0500021368

The Human Zoo: A Zoologist's Classic Study of the Urban Animal (Kodansha Globe) Mar 15, 1996

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Kodansha Globe

ISBN13: 9781568361048
ISBN10: 1568361041

Cats in Art Oct 15, 2017

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Reaktion Books

ISBN13: 9781780238333
ISBN10: 1780238339

The Human Animal: A Personal View of the Human Species Jun 01, 1994

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Bbc Pubns

ISBN13: 9780563370215
ISBN10: 0563370211

Peoplewatching : The Desmond Morris Guide to Body Language Jan 01, 2002


Publisher Vintage

ISBN13: 9780099429784
ISBN10: 0099429780

Dogwatching: Why dogs bark and other canine mysteries explained Mar 31, 1993

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Three Rivers Press

ISBN13: 9780517880555
ISBN10: 0517880555

The Soccer Tribe Sep 06, 2016

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Rizzoli

ISBN13: 9780847849659
ISBN10: 0847849651

Horsewatching: Why does a horse whinny and everything else you ever wanted to know Apr 13, 1989

By Desmond Morris

Publisher Crown

ISBN13: 9780517572672
ISBN10: 0517572672

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