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Chesapeake & Ohio Super Power Steam Locomotives Dec 15, 2005

By Eugene L Huddleston

Publisher Chesapeake & Ohio Hist. Soc.

ISBN13: 9780939487752
ISBN10: 0939487756

The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway: West End- PM District, Chicago Division, Cincinnati & Russell Divisions May 01, 1999

By Kevin N. EuDaly

Publisher White River Productions

ISBN13: 9780965904056
ISBN10: 0965904059

The Allegheny - Lima's Finest Jan 01, 1984

By Eugene L. Huddleston

Publisher Hundman Pubishing

ISBN13: 9780945434030
ISBN10: 0945434030

C&O Power: Steam and Diesel Locomotives of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, 1900-1965 Jan 01, 1965

By Philip Shuster

Publisher A. F. Staufer

ISBN13: 9780944513071
ISBN10: 0944513077

Chesapeake & Ohio, Coal and Color Jan 01, 1997

By Eugene L Huddleston

Publisher Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society

ISBN13: 9780939487288
ISBN10: 0939487284

Chessie's Road Jun 01, 1986

By Charles W. Turner

Publisher C & O Historical Society

ISBN13: 9780939487004
ISBN10: 0939487004

The Van Sweringen Berkshires Jan 01, 1986

By Eugene L. Huddleston

Publisher Hicksville, NY : N. J. Interna

ISBN13: 9780934088152
ISBN10: 0934088152

Uncle Sam's Locomotives: The USRA and the Nation's Railroads (Railroads Past and Present) Aug 28, 2002

By Eugene L. Huddleston

Publisher Indiana University Press

ISBN13: 9780253340863
ISBN10: 0253340861

World's Greatest Steam Locomotives: C&O 2-6-6-6, Virginian 2-6-6-6, N&W 2-6-6-4, Up 4-8-8-4 Aug 01, 2001

By Eugene L. Huddleston

Publisher Tlc Pub Inc

ISBN13: 9781883089603
ISBN10: 1883089603

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