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Fighting in the Shadows: Untold Stories of Deaf People in the Civil War Jun 28, 2017

A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell May 03, 2000

Educating Deaf Students: From Research to Practice

Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer Sep 13, 2004

Teaching from the Heart and Soul: The Robert F. Panara Story (Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 6) Sep 15, 2007

Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences: A Biographical Dictionary (Progress Clinical&biological Rsch;393) Aug 30, 1995

Moments of Truth: Robert R. Davila, the Story of a Deaf Leader Jan 18, 2008

Silence of the Spheres: The Deaf Experience in the History of Science Feb 28, 1994

An Atlas of Interpersonal Situations Feb 03, 2003

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